Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine


Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

  1. Ultrasonic metal welding, generally for the fusion of low melting point metal materials such as copper, aluminum, etc.
  2. Taking the ultrasonic welding metal plate as an example, the two metal plates are overlapped and placed on the base, and the ultrasonic welding head is pressed against the coincident metal plate with appropriate pressure, and a lateral vibration of 20,000 to 40,000 times per second is applied. The two metal plate joints are subjected to high frequency vibration friction and welded. In this welding mode, the solvent is not required, and the welding portion does not need to pass current and heat, and is close to the cold joint, and the intermetallic compound is less likely to occur, and the structure changes little. The welding feature is that the deformation of the joint is less, the material is not melted, and the thermal influence of the material is not significantly changed. The fragile cast structure or the intermetallic compound can be obtained, and the fusion of the foil and the small joint can be achieved without strong resistance welding. Long foil can be applied by roller type continuous welding.
  3. KWG0935 model can be applied to lithium battery copper aluminum foil and aluminum nickel sheet welding, copper aluminum foil spot welding, capacitor copper aluminum foil spot welding, etc.
  4. KWG2020 model can be applied to lithium battery aluminum shell and aluminum nickel sheet welding, wire and terminal welding, wire butt welding, wire and metal plate welding, metal plate spot welding, etc........

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  1. Automatic ultrasonic welding head frequency control, free of welding head resonance point.
  2. Special circuit design, compensate for the attached welding amplitude and improve the welding capacity
  3. The whole bridge is an IGBT module as a power drive component to improve durability.
  4. PWM technology controls ultrasonic amplitude
  5. PWM technology controls the ultrasonic vibration characteristics, reducing the jitter of the welding head during high-voltage starting to protect the welding head.
  6. 8-segment ultrasonic slope start-up control to adapt to different characteristics of the welding head.
  7. Ultrasonic frequency offset and high voltage / over current protection.
  8. Automatic frequency control technology to avoid the frequency shift caused by the temperature rise of the welding head, affecting the welding characteristics.
  9. Boot ultrasonic automatic detection.
  10. . Time control mode (delay, welding, curing time).
  11. Energy control time mode.
  12. Built-in 20 sets of welding parameters storage function (10 sets of time mode and energy mode).
  13. Adopt RS232/RS485 communication interface.
  14. Connect to the computer, can set the welding parameters in two directions.
  15. Connect to the computer to monitor the welding parameters and status of each pen (EXCEL file).
  16. Synchronous dual start button, emergency cylinder up / ultrasonic stop button.
Series KWG(IGBT)Series
LINE SOURCE AC220V 1P 15A 50/60HZ AC220V 1P 10A 50/60HZ
CYLINDER Standard machine: cylinder 63Ø/stroke 25mm                 Standard machine: cylinder 40Ø// stroke 25mm
BOOSTER Material: Titanium, gain 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 optional Material: Titanium, gain 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 optional
LIFT MECHANISM Linear slider Linear slider
MACHINE DIMENSION 760×200×400㎜(L×W×H) 470×160×220㎜(L×W×H)
GENERATOR SIZE 525×156×271㎜(L×W×H)

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