Multi-function Skincare Device

The FACE SPA BEAUTIFIER REW-100AT is a effective multiple functions device. It provides instant alternative Cool and Hot stimulation to the skin. The Vibration of supersonic wave agitate to generate super minimal water molecules, it breaks up its fine particle to attain low temperature and hot temperature appearing alternately that beautifying and curing effect could be achieved.
1) Effect of Ultrasonic Low temperature and Cool Vapor
The Low temperature 22°C which is suitable to human skin. It penetrates into the epidermis and the skin becomes soft. The replenishment of water by the skin has the appeasing, sedative, elimination of red swollen skin. It also serves as an oxygen generator in conjunction with medications, the black moles, specks acnes, allergy in skin can better be cured. The ordinary skin has attained the good looking and moisturizing effect with this feature.

2) Effect of High temperature and Hot Vapor
The Hot temperature is between 35°C and 45°C which is a good effect in massaging skin. It does not have ill effect in high temperature with uneven distribution of water vapor particles nor does it scaled the user’s skin. Its super temperature kills bacteria and makes capillaries to open slightly. The skin is penetrated into the epidermis and skin becomes clean. The skin pores would not be enlarged or the blood vessels would not expand. It is milder than hot steam bath but like having Spa on face.
1. Tank Capacity : Approx. 5 liters ( 1.3 gallon) Pure or Soft water
2. Working Hour : 12 hours/tank
3. Power Source : 110V, 230V, 50/60Hz.
4. Power Consumption: 600 Watts
5. Timer : 10~30 minutes selectable
6. Machine Dimension : 34 x 18 x 29 cm ( L x W x H )
7. Machine Weight : 4kgs.