Hand Treatment Spa

HTS-200 Hand Spa blends innovative Asian technology with centuries old cupressure to create a hand treatment designed to restore youthful plumpness, brightness and suppleness to the hands. The Hand Spa uses ultrasonic pulse energy (a form of acupressure) to increase microcirculation (the blood flow through very small blood vessels such as capillaries). Increased microcirculation contributes to both skin color and suppleness. Additionally, the ultrasonic vibrations aid the absorption and penetration of the active ingredients for a long lasting and highly effective treatment.
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The Hand Spa is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment. Hands are placed in a chamber filled with water, Gamma PGA, and customized ingredients depending on the nature of the treatment. A synergistic effect is created when the vibrating water molecules combine with the potent ionic Gamma PGA formula, resulting in optimal penetration to the skin’s deepest layers.

As the skin is penetrated, the ingredients also have an affect on the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). This is a group of chemicals in the Stratum Corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) that has the ability to bind and hold water molecules in and around the Keratin cells. With age, the NFM ceases to work as effectively and the skin becomes more dry and cracked. The formulas are designed to enhance the skin’s natural moisturizing capability and help the Stratum Corneum stay smooth and intact.

After ten minutes, when hands are removed, you can see immediate visible results of softer, plumper and supple hands.