Facial Spa

FSS-100 Facial Spa combines innovative Asian technology with proven skin enhancing ingredients in the Facial Spa for skin rejuvenation. The latest skincare advancements of Gamma PGA, Ions and Ultrasonic Nano Mist™ work with customized facial treatments to deeply hydrate, soothe and even out skin tone and texture. The result is more vibrant, radiant skin without any surgery, needles or downtime.
The Facial Spa creates an Ultrasonic Nano Mist so ultra-fine that it easily penetrates deeply into the skin, carrying with it the dissolved Gamma PGA and any other booster active ingredients like chamomile, tea tree and zinc, to where they can provide the most beneficial long lasting results.

The Nano Mist is seven times smaller than water droplets from a traditional steamer. A synergistic effect is created when the vibrating nano water molecules combine with the potent ionic Gamma PGA formula, resulting in penetration into the skin’s deepest layers. Negative ions are created which have important skin benefits like eradicating free radicals, balancing acidic body tissue fluid, and aiding in the excretion of waste through the pores to promote accelerated cell removal.
Power supply: 230VAC 50Hz
Power consumption: 55 W
Ultrasonic frequency: 1.63± 0.1MHz
Diameter of fog particle: 3~8 μM
Capacity of oscillating tank: High level: approximately 1000 cc
Low level: approximately 550 cc
Capacity of cup: 150 cc
Fogging amount: 250 cc/hour
Dimension: 365x320x850 (H) mm (including the pipe)
Weight: 11.6KGS
Safety/Quality Approvals